Portable tracker style sequencer and synthesizer M8 is Powered by the Teensy 4.0 and inspired with love from the renowned tracker Little Sound DJ. Featuring 8 tracks of freely assignable instruments capable of a wide range of sounds including waveform synthesis, FM, virtual analog, sample playback, and MIDI output.

Sequencer Specifications *

  • 8 Monophonic Tracks/Voices
  • 255 Patterns/Phrases & chains
  • 256 Instrument Tables for advanced modulation
  • 128 Instruments per song
  • Song Arranger with Live mode
  • instantaneous song recall
  • Full MIDI input & Output support

Instruments & Effects *

  • Chipsynth engine for classic console & computer chip emulation.
  • Macrosynth engine - Over 40 synthesis types Based on Mutable Instruments Braids
  • Sample Playback - 16 bit mono wav format. Streamed from SD - No memory/length limitation.
  • MIDI Output engine with 10 user defined CCs per instrument.
  • Global reverb, chorus, delay and a master bus limiter

Hardware Specifications *

  • 3.5mm TRS MIDI (Type A) input and output.
  • Stereo audio input (effects routed) and Headphone/main output
  • USB MIDI and Audio compliant
  • SDHC Micro SD slot for storage
  • 1200mAh USB rechargeable battery with up to 6 hours of use
  • High quality 2.8" IPS Display with Capacitive touch
  • Dimensions: 91.3 x 128.5 mm (18hp Eurorack compatible)

* Specifications subject to change.

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